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Keith is the Professor of Crowd Science at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) running a MSc programme in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis. He develops and teaches a wide range of crowd safety and crowd risk analysis short courses for event organisers, police, first responders, emergency planners, city authorities, building control and licensing officers. His courses have run at the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College, Universities and client sites around the world for over 25 years. Over the last two decades, Keith has consulted on some of the worlds largest, and most challenging crowded spaces in the world.


Introduction to crowd safety and risk analysis (short course)

This is an approved, 3 day, IIRSM short course covering the principles and applications of crowd safety and risk analysis in places of public assembly. 

Key learning points include:

  • How to anticipate and plan for crowd movement for a wide range of places of public assembly.
  • How to apply crowd risk analysis techniques for planning and managing crowded spaces.
  • How to identify crowds risks in event planning, event licensing and event operations.
  • How to document and present the key elements of crowd risks and crowd safety to an audience.

We run these courses around the world, at client sites. Click here for further information.


Delegate quotes

“A fantastic and beneficial course, it was the only course I had ever done where I was upset when it finished, the course provides a unique and mathematical approach to crowd engineering, the consensus of all who attended was that it provided us with the tools and confidence to do our job” Operations Manager. Sydney Opera House (2014)

“This course opens your eyes to the potential issues with Mass Gatherings. As well as providing an individual with the tools and knowledge to assess the event plans and proposed mitigation for major events. With the introduction of the Crowd Science Qualification it would be in your best interest to attend. The delivery and information provided is beyond reproach and glad to see the course in Australia! CEO. Canberra Exhibition Park (2014)

"These courses were invaluable enabling me to illustrate quickly and precisely any issues that arose at the venues we attended and pass on my recommendations to the security team in a manner the was easily understood."  Dave Wilkie, Event Safety Officer, U2 360 European Tour

“Keith Still’s  workshops have focussed the minds of many people in realising just how easy it can be for disaster to occur, and equally how simple the solutions often are.” Eric Stuart, former Metropolitan Police Event Planner for Notting Hill Carnival and London New Year Events


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