This course covers the key areas of crowd safety and crowd risk analysis.

Topics we cover are

1. Introduction to eLearning
2. DIM-ICE Risk Analysis
3. Crowd Dynamics
4. Crowd Modelling
5. RAMP Analysis
6. Crowd Counting
7. Crowd Monitoring
8. Control Room Information
9. Queueing Systems
10. Crowd Risk Analysis
11. Site Design
12. Event Egress Analysis
13. Emergency Response Times
14. Crowd Simulations
15. Strategic and Tactical Analysis
16. Emergency Situations
17. Course Summary
18. Report writing

You can review the course, or use this as a revision aid, with forums on each topic where you can pose questions to other users or ask our team of experts.

There are two written assignments required for a certificate of achievement. This is a Level 5 accredited course via Highfield.

This is the complete online version of the courses taught, around the world, by Prof. Dr G. Keith Still.

The course materials cover the principles and applications of crowd dynamics, crowd safety engineering and crowd risk analysis to planning and licensing events in places of public assembly.