CV-19: Place Management Certificate (IPM)


We developed this course with the Institute of Place Management. 

The course is open to IPM Members only. We highly recommend joining the IPM as there are significant resources available for members.

Course outline on this link and details of content are below. 

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There are four key sections to this course (all 100% online, progress at your own pace).

1. Key Information about Covid-19

Over the last few months, the world has changed dramatically, with the majority of the western world "staying at home". This has caused a worldwide business to shut down and a significant reduction to high street footfall. While the Institute of Place Management is working on a variety of issues related to exit strategies, the primary objective for a re-start is public safety.

For that, we need a new set of rules for risk assessment, awareness and how to adapt places to the emerging society following the global pandemic.

2. Understanding the risks

In this section, we outline the impact on place management. Specifically, we focus on understanding the impact on your business/event and sector in the current pandemic. We provide an in-depth background to the key issues of understanding the data that underpins the basis for change.

  • What are the key elements of the CV-19 pandemic?
  • Why was there a lockdown?
  • What are the key elements to "break the chain" of infection?

3. Risk Assessment

In this section, we outline the current risk analysis method and demonstrate a dynamic approach to the key issues of risk assessment. We introduce risk methods used in the crowd sciences (DIM-ICE, Hot zone mapping and space design).

  • Public and profession understanding of risk
  • The existing framework for risk assessment
  • The problems with the likelihood v consequences method
  • Hot Zone mapping
  • P2P, P2F and P2S
  • DIM-ICE risk analysis
  • Rebalancing places
  • Space allocation for place management

4. Assessment Certificate

In this section, we have an assessment for your CPD certificate in Cv-19: Place Management. You must answer the questions for your certificate of achievement. You have 60 minutes to complete the 10 questions (multiple choice) and three attempts to score more than 80%

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