Keeping crowds safe is our mission.

"The professional level of performance, the clarity of presentation and the solid results supported by scientific evidence were the main element of the success of our undertaking."
Jamarat Bridge Project, Mecca

"Keith's involvement gave me the reassurance that the issues would be recognised and that we could develop the right plans and mitigation measure."
Greater Manchester Police

Safety is paramount to successful events. We help our clients keep crowds safe by applying proven global best practices, innovative solutions and integrated expertise.

By collaborating with local experts and officials, our team unifies stakeholders’ strengths to deliver proactive planning and on-site responsiveness to ensure seamless events that mitigate risk. Event venues, organizers, planners and management feel confident that they are working with the best crowd management experts in the world to protect people and property.

As the most trusted authority on crowd management best practices, we have earned international praise, media coverage and awards for our integrity, excellent quality and innovative solutions to protect people and properties around the world.

Our consultancy offers transformative knowledge on crowd management best practices, which we have refined through decades of experience. We have served iconic global projects, including the Sydney Opera House, Trump presidential inauguration and New Year’s Eve at Times Square in New York.

Event organizers and sports and entertainment venues trust us to keep their guests safe. Our clients gain confidence, peace of mind and reputational assurance, knowing they are working with pre-eminent experts in crowd management and risk mitigation for safe events.

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