Control room tools

I have developed and deployed a number of crowd models for real-time decision support over the last decade. The latest modelling tool (3D RTDS) was applied to a number of high profile major events in the UK. Including the Royal Wedding (2011). This tool is used for risk assessment during event planning also realtime decision support, the graphic provide visual reminders of density build up in places of public assembly. 

IMG 3055

Using images in the control room for density reference

To download a set of density images - click on the link below

25 m2


625 m2

The 3D RTDS tool allows us to both train staff to identifying density risks from a virtual CCTV angle and to provide control room visuals for crowd build up during an event. We run short courses, for control room operators, on how to use these tools for major events.

1 person per square metre

2 people per square metre

3 people per square metre

4 people per square metre

5 people per square metre

6 people per square metre

The production of high quality images provides CCTV references and (in the images above and below) from ground level, CCTV to helicopter views. We can then use this to compare and contrast the model with the situation on the day. Using visual references we assist in the accurate assessment of numbers and density on the ground. 

Below is one of the planning visuals for the Queen Victoria Memorial

Modelling the crowd build up for the Royal Wedding 29th April 2011.

Click here for further information on the 3D modelling tools.

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