Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding (crowd maangement planning 2011)

Estimating the numbers at major events can be complex, specifically when the space has many different access routes, over a long period (some people were expected to arrive days in advance). Below is one of the planning visuals for the Queen Victoria Memorial - we used this to assess the numbers and welfare for the crowd management plan at the Royal Wedding (2o11). Barrier plans, cutting back on the flowerbeds and site capacity were all critical elements for this specific area during the crowd management planning exercises. The visuals informed the team on how it would look on the day (from a wide range of angles, helicopter views, ground level views and views from CCTV were all created in the 3D modelling system. 

We used the 3D Crowd Visualiser to assess the crowd numbers and provide the operations team with graphics/visuals of that key stages of crowd fill would look like during ingress.

Above - a series of screen images from the 3D modelling system. This is a tool that we use to both position crowds and view them from different angles, distances and perspectives. The tool produces a range of reports and analysis allowing me to calculate rates of passage, crowd flow, visualise the spaces as they fill and experiment with best CCTV positions. 

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