Static crowd density visuals (625 square metres) 3

The images below show 625 square metres (with a tennis court backdrop) to give some idea of scale. 25m x 25m is 625 square metres.

Each grid is 5m by 5m.

0.5 people per square metre (312 people in 625 square metres)

1 person per square metre (625 people in 625 square metres)

1.5 people per square metre (937 people in 625 square metres)

2 people per square metre (1,250 people in 625 square metres)

2.5 people per square metre (1,562 people in 625 square metres)

3 people per square metre (1,875 people in 625 square metres)

3.5 people per square metre (2,187 people in 625 square metres)

4 people per square metre (2,500 people in 625 square metres)

4.5 people per square metre (2,812 people in 625 square metres)

5 people per square metre (3,125 people in 625 square metres) - Maximum

5.5 people per square metre (3,437 people in 625 square metres) - HIGH RISK

6 people per square metre (3,750 people in 625 square metres) - HIGH RISK

From the links below you can view a 10m grid, against a tennis court backdrop, to assist in visualising crowd densities and crowd sizes. I'm going to produce a whole range of crowds against backdrops to act as both a training aid and to provide reference visuals for assessing both density and crowd numbers.

Static crowd density

Tennis court - reference crowd 100 square metres 1

Tennis court - reference crowd 100 square metres 2

Tennis court - reference crowd 100 square metres 3

Tennis court - reference crowd 100 square metres 4

Tennis court - reference crowd 100 square metres 5

Tennis court - reference crowd 100 square metres 6

Tennis court - reference crowd 625 square metres 1

Tennis court - reference crowd 625 square metres 2

Tennis court - reference crowd 625 square metres 4

Tennis court - reference crowd 625 square metres 5

Tennis court - reference crowd 625 square metres 6

Visualising crowd density

Moving crowd density

Fruin - levels of service

Moving crowd density

Fruin - levels of service

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