Evacuation modelling (2003 - 2007)

In 2003 I developed and deployed over 50,000 copies of the Real-Time Evacuation Analysis tool for Canary Wharf Financial District. This combined a training and education tool with a real-time information system. Location of threat, my position, best route. We also coupled this with a training programme and a consolidated Business Continuity Plan. A video clip of the system is shown below. 

"Canary Wharf is one of Europe's most vibrant, dynamic business districts and prides itself on the quality of environment and service available to its tenants. CWG contacted Prof. Dr. Keith Still to assist us in evaluating our public areas for crowd control in a wide range of situations. Prof. Still has an international reputation for developing mathematical models and solutions for various public events. In this case, we wanted a tool to provide a common basis for occupants of the Canary Wharf estate to develop compatible responses to various security and safety related incidents. While the Canary Wharf estate currently has 60,000 staff employed in the development, a robust tool capable of dealing with crowds over 100,000 has been developed in conjunction with our major business tenants. We believe this innovative approach is another first for Canary Wharf and Prof. Still." Anthony Partington (Canary Wharf Managing Director) 2003

I run a series of workshops on evacuation and behavioural based safety in the complex and built environment. For major sites we can develop a bespoke version of the above. Each site is unique and the latest modelling tools have multiple threat and evacuation route analysis. 

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